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It Starts with a visit

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John Mulligan came into the territory in the 1870s. The story is that he hoped to make some quick money in Mohave County and then push on to California. Instead he built an empire. In the process he helped build a town on the Arizona frontier.

A stone mason by trade, Mulligan literally put his hand to building an array of Kingman’s landmarks. A few such as the Brunswick Hotel, Hotel Beale, the territorial era Mohave County Jail on the courthouse grounds and the 1904 Elks Lodge at the corner of Fourth and Oak Streets still stand.

In search of opportunity, Henry Lovin headed west from North Carolina in the closing years of the 19th century. Mohave County was just one stop on his odyssey.

But the climate and the opportunities appealed to him. A visit turned into a stay. His name graces the capstone at the territorial era Sportsman’s bar on Andy Devine Avenue.

A multitude of his accomplishments have been forgotten. But some still affect us today. He served as a Mohave County Sheriff. He was on the committee that wrote the state of Arizona constitution. And he was Mohave County’s first state senator and served as a Mohave County Supervisor.

From its earliest days as a rough and tumble town on the frontiers of the Arizona territory, people have come to visit Kingman and ended up staying. Then as now, people were mesmerized by the opportunities, the climate, the central location, and the friendly folk that called Kingman home.

And now, as the winter chill sets in, it is an ideal time to come to Kingman for a visit. Morning temperatures may a bit cool, but they are still warmer than early spring in Minnesota. Afternoon temperatures are ideal for a round of golf at one of the two golf courses. There are miles of picturesque hiking trails in the Cerbat Foothills Recreation Area, and winter is an ideal time for desert exploration.

After a day of basking in the sun and hiking the scenic canyons, with a drive of just twelve miles you can enjoy a fine dinner and some hot chocolate at Hualapai Mountain Lodge in Hualapai Mountain Park. Nestled among pine forests and snow covered peaks the park is a desert oasis.

Be sure to take a day to cruise the “160 miles of smiles” that is iconic Route 66 between Topock on the Colorado River and Seligman. Aside from the stunning scenery we can recommend the all season adventure that is Grand Canyon Caverns where you can dine above or below ground.

If you come for a visit, we are quite sure that you will be giving thought to calling Kingman home. If that is the case, while in town check out Apex Manufactured Home Sales. We are affiliated with Schult Homes, a member of the Clayton Buckeye Home Building Facility founded in 1956.

Written by Jim Hinckley of Jim Hinckley’s America